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Another term for Medical Tourism is “Health Tourism”. It can been defined as the branch of health and tourism economy that contributes to maintaining and restoring health and well-being in particular by using validated medical services. Traditionally, people would travel from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for medical treatment that was unavailable in their own communities; the recent trend is for people to travel from developed countries to third-world countries for medical treatments because of cost consideration, though the traditional pattern still continues. Another reason for travel for medical treatment is that some treatments may not be legal in the home country, such as some fertility Some people travel to obtain medical surgeries or other treatments. Some people go abroad for dental tourism or fertility tourism. People with rare genetic disorders may travel to another country where treatment of these conditions is better understood. However, virtually every type of health care, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, and convalescent care and even burial services is available. .

Medi Mantra offers a complete set of Treatment to our Patients worldwide with the help of best professionals in India. We are with the Patient from beginning till the Post Treatment. These Professionals help in assistance in choosing the best and possible treatment for you, with the help of reports and tests provided by you initially. There will be a dedicated Program Manager to each and every Patient and assisted him in all medical services and after your return to your country, you Program Manager stays in contact with you, so as to take care of your post treatment follow up.

We believe and our utmost prime thing is the Client Satisfaction and Medi Mantra Healthcare Solutions has eminent panel of medical experts, who are not only Qualified but Certified and Registered in their respective fields.

There are some very important things, which Patient must know before their Medical Travel to India.

VISA Procurement: A patient must have a valid Medical Visa before entering India and that can be obtained from Indian Embassy at Patient’s respective Country. We facilitate the Patient to obtain Medical Visa by assisting him/her at every step through Emails or Phones.

Seasonal Weather: India is considered as one of the biggest countries in the world with variations of weather. The Patient must be aware of the weather conditions, where they are travelling.

Living Cost: India is very inexpensive compared to other countries and it’s a paradise for shoppers. The only difference in India is the exchanging rate of the Currency and it is easy to exchange money and credit cards which are widely accepted in almost every part of India. Moreover, you will get many articles, handcraft items etc here with great varieties in Indian delicacy.