Indian Healthcare System

1. Before Treatment :

Medi Mantra offers reliable and customized medical services to the clients as per their specific requirements, such as assisting in treatment, travel, accommodation etc. We differentiate Services in three Levels, i.e.

a. Treatment packages in advance on basis of reports sent by patients.
b. Visa assistance / Medical Visa.
c. Hotel reservations.
d. Registration with FRRO office.
e. Information on foreign exchange and Insurance Cover.
f. Private Transportation.
g. Orientation documentation-A liaison will assist with filling out and submitting any necessary paperwork when the patient is being admitted and discharged from the hospital.
h. Detailed itinerary-Confirming flight, doctor, procedure, hospital, and hotel.
i. Medical Procedures:
Coordinating past and present medical records transfer and diagnosis.
Coordinating introductions and conference calls between surgeons, medical teams, and patients.
Consulting physician selection
Assigning the facility based on hospital's specialty and financial availability

Scheduling the date of procedure at the hospital
j. Meal requests- If the patient has any specific meal requests or food allergies the liaison will be happy to accommodate you. We provide lists of restaurants and meal options.
k. Other Services as required.

2. During Treatment :

a. Airports pick and drop.
b. Language interpreters.
c. Express check in through dedicated international patient lounge.
d. International newspaper & internet access in rooms.
e. Ambulance pick, if required.

3. Post Treatment :

a. Follow up assistance for future appointment scheduling after Discharge and Medical follow up..
b. Post Treatment Care.
c. Special Medical Services.
d. Travel Guide -Providing patients with currency for tipping, maps, and a travel guide.