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Eye Surgery Treatment  Hospitals in Abroad
Eye Surgery Treatment Hospitals in Abroad
When surgery is complete on the eye, it is called an eye surgery. Eye operations are performed by eye specialists called ophthalmologists. The eye is only of the most sensitive parts of the figure and any eye surgery requires serious care during the surgery and later than it has been achieved. There are many eye situations that require eye care and operation. Several of them are cascades, glaucoma and refractive surgery. When the glassy lens of the eyes develops cloudiness due to illness, aging, or trauma, it prevents the pattern of a strong image in the retina. This disorder is called cataract. The gray lens may be detached in case of noteworthy vision loss and replaced by mock lens. The aim of refractive surgery is to set refraction errors by removing or reducing the need for prescription glasses. This is also called as laser eye operation or LASIK laser. The cost of eye surgery can be too much in the west. Therefore many people visit for the treatment eye hearts in countries like India, Thailand and Singapore to find treatment.